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Welcome To White Lotus Way! Dedicated To Your Soul Purpose & Spirit Led Business. Inspiring Life In Balance.

Suit Your Soul, Soothe Your Spirit Refresh Your Mind, Revitalize Your Senses

Expand your passion & purpose Clear your energy & radiate

The popular Goddess Leadership Mastermind fills you to the brim with goal oriented mentoring, while teaching about the law of attraction & creative abundance.  This 12 month exclusive Mastermind supports Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders in becoming "Spiritually Rich".

White Lotus Way also boasts unique Gift Shop to suit your soul and soothe your spirit.


DISCOVER YOUR SOUL PURPOSE schedule your Enlightenment Session today!

Dump your shit, Re purpose your life! 

Remove blocks and obstacles today, be re-centered and re-bi

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About Sunflower

Master Energy Intuitive & Metaphysical Minister, Sunflower Tara, with a bright mind, compassionate heart and a warm soul has been conducting Intuitive Readings & Angel Tarot Sessions for 29 years. She is a trusted psychic professional & certified life coach.  Sunflower has been coaching and mentoring for 19 years. Sunflower is a Doctor of Divinity.

During her career, Sunflower has worked intimately with women and their families as a childbirth & women's sexual health educator.

Sunflower has dedicated many years to enhancing her natural gift of intuitive lead and divine connection. She connects in to the divine and cosmic realms, engaging with the energy wheels of life to reach the beyond and take you along during your spiritual sessions. 

Special 1:1 VIP Psychic Attunement on location! SEEK the POWER within!

Earn your stripes- Schedule your Energy Tuning! Power Hour with Sunflower

Every session is magical!  Divining and delving into you, your soul's blueprint, your essence, your energetic field.  Archetypal energy, Akashic Records, scents, sounds, your own natural wonder, messages from the divine spiritual realm, Angel Guides, Ascended Masters, animal spirit energy, crystal magic energy!

Welcome to the Astral, we greet you with smiles 

Sunflower works deeply with Heavenly Father, Divine Mother Earth energy & the power of the Son. 

Sunflower is an advocate for natural healing, herbal remedies and essential oils . She believes very strongly in their potency and power.  Essential Oils are Mother Nature's gift to the human being. Sunflower wishes to help deliver this gift to the people of the Earth.

Trust Your Essence Learn About Benefits Of Meditation & Affirmation

Practiced for thousands of years, meditation is a tool for rediscovering the body’s own inner intelligence. Primordial Sound Meditation uses individually selected sounds of nature called mantras to disconnect us from the activity of life. Practicing Meditation on a daily basis will help you:

  • Increases the energy level, as you gain an inner source of energy
  • Lowers the levels of blood lactate, reducing anxiety attacks
  • Allows for direct divine connect

Offerings White Lotus Way Offers Support, Guidance & Classes



Meet Yourself Where You Are. Expand To Your Potential

Sunflower holds space for you, answering questions, giving insight and direction.

Angel & Tarot Enlightenment Sessions are Intuitive Readings given by Sunflower. 

Angel & Tarot Enlightenment Sessions combined with Energy Coaching act as a unique mirror for the whole trinity of you (mind, body & soul). When looking through this magic mirror, you are easily able to lift and remove blocks on your path forward to your ultimate state of bliss in your personal life, emotional life, or business.

Energy Coaching

Energy Treatments

Energy Treatments, Clearings, Coaching & Guidance. Remove emotional blocks and obstacles on your pathway to live abundantly!

Radiate Your True Essence

Energy Coaching will help you make the vibrational shift you have been craving to make.  Clear & re-balance your chakras for optimum living!

Get in alignment to allow opportunity, manifestation and awakened intuition.

Energy Coaching


Invoke Wholeness!

The Spirit of the Plant Ignites & Supports You. 

Essential oils are the fragrant, highly concentrated natural constituents that are found in plants. They are what give the plant its characteristic scent and contain the healing power of the plant from which it was extracted. When used correctly, essential oils bring a wide range of health benefits since unlike modern drugs, they have no side-effects.

Meditation & Affirmations

The Door To Positive Thinking

Meditation Allows The Power Of Positive Affirmations To Seed

Affirmations are personal development tools. You can carry these tools with you every where you go and pull them out in a moments notice.

Continuously repeating affirmations will get your mind in tune with the exact words you are programming it with this combined with action can only lead to success.

Meditation Combined With Positive Affirmations Will Bring True Energetic Shift & Success!

Meditation & Affirmations

Here are some of the incredibly cool brands and organizations that we’ve worked with over the years!


Oil Massage 45 min. for only $59